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US Flag: Color and Count
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US Flag

Color the flag. The stars are white on a deep blue background. The stripes alternate red and white; the top stripe is red.

1. How many points does each star have?            
2. How many stripes are there?
3. How many red stripes are there?
4. How many white stripes are there?
5. How many short stripes are there?
6. How many long stripes are there?
7. How many stars are in the left-most column of stars? (Note: a column goes up and down.)
8. How many stars are in the column of stars that is second from the left?
9. How many stars are in the top row of stars? (Note: a row goes across.)
10. How many stars are in the row of stars second from the top?
11. How many stars are on the flag?

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