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Afghanistan's Flag
The Old Flag of Afghanistan Quiz/Printout
Afghanistan's Flag

Afghanistan's old flag was adopted on December 2, 1992, after the Mujahideen (fundamentalist Muslim fighters) won a civil war against the government that formed after the Soviet Union had pulled out of Afghanistan in 1989.

The old flag of Afghanistan is composed of three equal horizontal bars of green, white, and black. Green symbolizes Islam. In the center is the coat of arms of Afghanistan, pictured in yellow. The arms depict two curved swords, part of a mosque, wheat, two banners, the date 1371 (A.D. 1992), which is the date of the mujahideen victory, and an Arabic inscription that reads, "There is no God but Allah and Muhammed is his messenger."

1. What colors are the horizontal bars in the old Afghanistani flag? ____________________________

2. When was this flag officially adopted? ____________________________

3. What country (now defunct) pulled out of Afghanistan in 1989? ____________________________

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