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Indonesia's Flag
Indonesia's Flag Quiz/Printout

Indonesian flag

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Indonesia's flag was officially adopted on August 17, 1945, after Indonesia became independent from the Netherlands.

The Indonesian flag is a horizontal bicolor with two equal horizontal bars (red [top] and white). The height of this flag is two-thirds the width.

In Indonesian, this flag is called "Sang Saka Merah Putih" (meaning "lofty bicolor red and white"). The red symbolizes human blood and the white represents the human spirit. The design of this flag is based on the 13th century Javan Majapahit Empire flag that had nine red and white stripes.

Indonesia's flag is very similar to the flags of Poland and Monaco, two other red and white bicolors with the white on top.

1. What colors are in Indonesia's flag?____________________________

2. When was this flag adopted? ____________________________

3. Is this flag a horizontal or a vertical bicolor? ____________________________

4. From which country did Indonesia gain its independence in 1945? ____________________________

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