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Laos' Flag
Laos' Flag Quiz/Printout

Laotian Flag

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Laos' flag was adopted on December 2, 1975, when the communist Lao People's Democratic Republic (LPDR) toppled the King and took over the government. This red, white, and blue flag has three horizontal stripes; a red stripe on the top, a double-width blue stripe in the middle, and a red stripe on the bottom. A large, white circle is in the center of the blue stripe. The proportions of the flag are 2:3 (height to width).

The red in the flag symbolizes blood that was lost in the fight for freedom, the blue represents wealth and the Mekong River, and the white circle symbolizes the full moon over the Mekong River as well as unity of the country under the communist government.

1. What colors are in Laos' flag?____________________________

2. When was this flag adopted? ____________________________

3. What does the blue color in the flag represent? ____________________________

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