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Label the Map of South Korea
South Korea's Flag
Read the definitions below, then label the map of South Korea.
Label the Map of South Korea

Cheju-do - a large island off the southern coast of South Korea.
Demarcation Line - a line that separates North and South Korea.
Halla-san - The volcanic mountain that is the highest point in South Korea; it is located on the island of Cheju-do.
Inchon - a coastal city in northwestern South Korea; it is west of Seoul.
Japan - a country east and southeast of South Korea across the Sea of Japan and the Korea Strait.
Kangnung - a coastal city in northeastern South Korea.
Korea Strait - a body of water off southeastern South Korea that separates South Korea from the southernmost islands of Japan.
Mokp'o - a coastal city in southwestern South Korea.
North Korea - a country north of South Korea.
Pusan - a coastal city in southeastern South Korea.
Sea of Japan - the large body of water off eastern South Korea.
Seoul - the capital city of South Korea.
Taegu - an inland city in central South Korea; it is southeast of Seoul and northwest of Pusan.
Yellow Sea - the large body of water off western South Korea.

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