Busy Little Brains control panel
Ease of Use
Busy Little Brains

  • NAVIGATION Busy Little Brains was designed to be so easy to navigate that even a 2-year-old can get from game to game. From the main game screen, a child simply has to click anywhere on the screen, or type any key, to get to one of the 41 games. To return to the main screen, just click on the large back-arrow.

    Children easily learn basic computer use with our simple game format.
  • THE GAMES range in level from extremely simple (for example, typing letters on the keyboard to hear letters, names, and/or numbers) to kindergarten level (for example, counting games).

  • ? VERBAL HELP When playing one of the games, clicking on the large question mark results in simple verbal instructions and game hints.
  • ? WRITTEN HELP SCREENS Thorough written help screens are available for each game by choosing from the Help menu on the top of the screen. It includes tips for playing, all the capabilities of the games, and the educational benefits of each game.

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