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The Umbrellabird (genus Cephalopterus) is a bird that lives in South and Central American rain forests. There are three species of Umbrellabirds, the Long-wattled (C. penduliger), Amazonian (C. ornatus) and Bare-Necked (C. glabricollis). Numbers are decreasing as the Umbrellabird's habitat is destroyed.

The Umbrellabird is an altitudinal migrant (it migrates to different altitudes in the mountains instead of migrating across the land). Umbrellabirds breed in high-altitude cloud forests of the subtropical belt, at an altitude of 2,600 to 6,500 ft (800-2,000 m). During the non-breeding season, they live in lowlands and mountain foothills (mostly below 1,600 ft = 500 m).

Anatomy: The Umbrellabird has a tuft of forwards-facing black feathers on its head, giving it its name. It has a chunky body, a heavy, wide bill, and a big head.

Diet: Umbrellabirds eat fruit and small animals (including anoles, frogs, insect larvae, and large insects).

Reproduction: Umbrellabirds gather in small groups in order to choose a mate. In these areas, the females watch the loudly-calling males and choose their mate. This area is called a "lek."

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