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The Mandrill is a large, noisy, ferocious Old World monkey that lives in tropical rain forests in western Africa (Gabon, Cameroon, and Congo). The mandrill is the biggest monkey and the most colorful mammal. It is closely related to the baboon. The mandrill is primarily terrestrial (it lives on the ground) but sleeps in trees. The mandrill walks on all four legs. Mandrills congregate in small troops of up to 50 mandrills; they travel up to six miles each day. These intelligent primates are endangered due to loss of habitat. Mandrills have a life span of about 45 years in captivity.

Anatomy: Mandrills have a large, muscular body, dark brown fur, and a short, stubby tail. The face and buttocks are hairless and brightly colored. The male's face has a bright blue muzzle and bright red nose; these colors are also on the buttocks. When the male mandrill is angry or otherwise excited, the colors become even brighter. The female has duller colors. Mandrills grow to be about 30 inches (78 cm) long and weigh about 55 pounds (25 kg). Males have large, pointed canine teeth.

Diet: Mandrills eat mostly plants, but also eat insects and other small animals, including lizards and snakes.

Predators: Leopards, cheetahs, and people hunt the mandrill.

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