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Label the Flamingo
Bird Printouts
Read the definitions below, label the flamingo diagram, and color the flamingo correctly.

flamingo to label

Ankle - the backwards-pointing joint between the foot and the knee (people often think that this is the bird's knee).
Bill - Flamingoes have a large, hard bill (also called the beak) which they use to get food. The top part of the bill is red/orange; the lower part of the bill is black. They filter their food from mud while their head is upside down.
Eye - Flamingoes have two large, orange-yellow eyes.
Knee - The knee is the forward-bending joint between the ankle and the hip.
Leg - Flamingoes have long, pink legs.
Neck - Flamingoes have a long, pink neck.
Webbed foot - Webbed feet function well in wet areas.
Wing - Flamingoes have large, pink-feathered wings that allow them to fly.

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