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Puffins are sea birds that can fly, swim, and dig burrows. These squat birds live on cold, Arctic coasts.

Anatomy: Puffins have thick, waterproof feathers that protect them from the cold. They have webbed feet that help them swim. Their huge, parrot-like bill stores fish as they hunt underwater. It is wide in profile and narrow when viewed from the front. In breeding season, the bill becomes brightly colored.

Diet: Puffins are carnivores (meat-eaters) that dive in the sea for food. They eat mostly small fish.

Eggs and Chicks: Puffins dig a deep burrow in which the female lays a single egg. Both parents feed the chick for about 6 weeks. The parents then abandon the chick who will leave the burrow after about a week without food. It will then go the sea and fish for itself. Puffins often mate for life.

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