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Animal "Look It Up" Quiz Name_______________________________________

Look up the following words in the Little Explorers picture dictionary to answer the questions.

Look up this Word Question Answer
1. aardvark What does this animal eat? _____________________________
2. antelope What are the large things that grow on this animal's head? _____________________________
3. eagle Is the bill of the eagle straight or hooked? _____________________________
4. emperor penguin On which continent does this bird live? _____________________________
5. emu Emus are from which continent? _____________________________
6. firefly What is another name for this insect? _____________________________
7. fish What do fish use to breathe? _____________________________
8. gecko What can geckos do that other lizards cannot? _____________________________
9. giant anteater About how long is this animal? _____________________________
10. giant panda This animal is native to which country? _____________________________
11. iguana Where do iguanas often live? _____________________________
12. insect How many body parts do insects have? _____________________________
13. koala What does this animal eat? _____________________________
14. lemming Is the tail of the lemming long or short? _____________________________
15. lice What is a single one of these animals called? _____________________________
16. lobster How many legs does a lobster have? _____________________________
17. lemur On what island do these animals live? _____________________________
18. vampire bat What do these bats drink? _____________________________
19. woodchuck What is another name for this animal? _____________________________
20. woolly bear caterpillar What is the name of the adult form of this animal? _____________________________

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