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Astronomy "Look It Up" Quiz Name_______________________________________

Look up the following words in the Little Explorers picture dictionary to answer the questions.

Look up this Word Question Answer
1. planet How many planets orbit our Sun? _____________________________
2. Pluto Is Pluto always, never, or usually the farthest planet from the Sun? _____________________________
3. Saturn How many planets are closer to the Earth than Saturn? _____________________________
4. Solar System Most of the objects in our Solar System orbit what celestial body? _____________________________
5. Sun Is our Sun a small, medium, or large star? _____________________________
6. Mars What color is Mars? _____________________________
7. Mercury How many moons does Mercury have? _____________________________
8. meteor What is another name for a meteor? _____________________________
9. Milky Way Galaxy Is the Milky Way galaxy made up of stars, asteroids, or milk-colored comets? _____________________________
10. Moon Is the moon's atmosphere thick, thin, or non-existent? _____________________________
11. Jupiter Is Jupiter the largest or the second-largest planet in our Solar System? _____________________________
12. Uranus What does Uranus' tipped axis cause? _____________________________
13. Venus From Earth, what two objects are brighter in the sky than Venus? _____________________________
14. Neptune How many moons does Neptune have? _____________________________
15. North Star What is the name of the current North Star? _____________________________
16. Earth How many planets are closer to the Sun than the Earth is? _____________________________
17. comet Which way does a comet's tail point? _____________________________
18. constellation A constellation is a group of what type of objects? _____________________________
19. asteroid belt Between which two planets do most of the asteroids orbit? _____________________________
20. Little Dipper In which constellation can you find the Little Dipper? _____________________________

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