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Food "Look It Up" Quiz #2 Name_______________________________________

Look up the following words in the Little Explorers picture dictionary to answer the questions.

Look up this Word Question Answer
1. jam What is jam made from? _____________________________
2. lime What color is a lime? _____________________________
3. melon What is the outer layer of a melon called? _____________________________
4. nectarine What fruit is closely related to the nectarine? _____________________________
5. noodles Where were noodles invented? _____________________________
6. omelet What is an omelet made from? _____________________________
7. pasta What is pasta made from? _____________________________
8. peach What is the skin of a peach like? _____________________________
9. peanut Where do peanuts grow? _____________________________
10. pepper Are peppers solid? _____________________________
11. pickle What vegetable is a pickle made from? _____________________________
12. pizza What type of sauce is on a pizza? _____________________________
13. plum What color are most plums? _____________________________
14. pod What common vegetable grows in a pod? _____________________________
15. potato Where do potatoes grow? _____________________________
16. prune What fruit is dried to make a prune? _____________________________
17. raisin What fruit is dried to make a raisin? _____________________________
18. rice What type of soil does rice grow in? _____________________________
19. yogurt What food is yogurt is made from? _____________________________
20. yolk What color is the yolk of an egg? _____________________________

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