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Flag of Austria
Flag of Austria Quiz/Printout
Austria's Flag

The flag of Austria is a red and white horizontal triband that was re-adopted on May 1, 1945, after World War 2. This red and white striped flag is one of the oldest national flags in Europe and has been used since in Austria since at least the year 1191.

The red and white colors in this flag are taken from a legend in which the Duke Leopold V of Austria was blood-soaked from the Battle of Ptolemais in 1191, and only a strip of white remained under his sword belt. He then chose these colors and pattern for his flag.

1. What colors are in the flag of Austria?____________________________

2. In what year was Duke Leopold said to have worn a blood-soaked tunic and then used it as a flag? ____________________________________

3. When was this flag officially adopted in recent times? ____________________________

4. Is this flag a horizontal or a vertical triband? ____________________________

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