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Iberia: Label Me!
Iberia: Glossary of Major Islands, Cities, Nearby Countries, and Bodies of Water

Some Major Cities, etc.:
Alicantes - a city in southeastern Spain.
Balearic Islands - islands located off the coast of eastern Spain in the Mediterranean Sea.
Barcelona - a city in northeastern Spain on the Mediterranean Sea.
Bilbao - a city in northern Spain.
Cádiz - a coastal city in southern Spain, on the Atlantic Ocean.
Córdoba - a city in southwestern Spain, located between Cádiz and Toledo.
Lisbon - the capital city of Portugal, located in western-coastal Portugal.
Madrid - the capital city of Spain, located in central Spain.
Porto - a port city in northwestern Portugal.
Toledo - a city in Spain located along the Tagus River, south of Madrid.
Valencia - a city on the east coast of Spain, located southwest of Barcelona and north of Alicantes.

Pyrenees - the chain of mountains between France and Spain.

Bodies of Water:
Atlantic Ocean - the large body of water that borders Spain and Portugal to the west.
Bay of Biscay - a bay that borders Spain to the north and France to the southwest.
Mediterranean Sea - a sea that borders Spain to the southeast.
Strait of Gibraltar - the strait between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.
Tagus River - a river that flows from central Spain into the Atlantic Ocean.

Algeria - the African country located southeast of Spain, across the Mediterranean Sea.
Andorra - a tiny country located on the border of Spain and France.
France - the country that borders Spain to the north.
Morocco - the African country across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain.
Portugal - a country that borders Spain.
Spain - the country that borders Portugal and France.

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