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Poland's Flag
Poland's Flag Quiz/Printout

Poland's Flag

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Poland's flag was adopted on August 1, 1919. The flag consists of two equal horizontal bands; the top band is white and the bottom band is red. The ratio of the flag's height to width is 5:8. Poland's national colors are white and red; these date from the 1200s.

This rhyme about Poland's flag is learned by Polish school children:

The flag flies when the wind blows.
And on this flag there's white and red.
Red for love, white for a pure heart.
Our national colours are beautiful.

Poland's flag is very similar to the flags of Indonesia and Monaco, two other red and white bicolors.

1. What colors are in Poland's flag?____________________________

2. When was this flag adopted? ____________________________

3. Name a flag that is similar to Poland's. ____________________________

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