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Fact or Opinion? Geography
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A fact is something that is true and is supported by evidence. An opinion is something you believe or feel to be true and is open to debate. Read each statement and decide if it is a fact or an opinion.

Statement Fact Opinion
There are seven continents on Earth.    
The continent with the most people is Asia.    
Visiting foreign countries is a lot of fun.    
The biggest continent is Asia.    
There are 12 countries in South America.    

Europe and Asia are connected.    
Antarctica surrounds the South Pole.    
Map-making is difficult work.    
The longest river on Earth is the Nile, which is in Africa.    
The tallest mountain on Earth is Mount Everest in Asia.    

The biggest ocean is the Pacific Ocean.    
The smallest ocean is the Arctic Ocean.    
Much of the Earth is covered by water.    
Geography is the most important subject.    
A map-maker is called a cartographer.    

The Earth is an amazing place.    
A glacier is a river of ice.    
Memorizing the US state capitals is easy.    
People should visit Tahiti.    
The equator is an imaginary circle around the earth, halfway between the north and south poles.    

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