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Body Theme Page
Fact or Opinion? Human Anatomy
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A fact is something that is true and is supported by evidence. An opinion is something you believe or feel to be true and is open to debate. Read each statement and decide if it is a fact or an opinion.

Statement Fact Opinion
The skeleton supports the body.    
The biggest bone in the body is the thigh bone (the femur).    
The smallest bone in the body is called the stirrup bone (stapes), and is in the ear.    
Blood flows through arteries and veins.    
Blood is gross.    

Muscles help us move.    
When we breathe air, it goes into our lungs.    
People's muscles are too weak.    
Skeletons are scary.    
I think my ears are too big.    

People should have longer fingers.    
Our stomach breaks down food.    
I wish we had teeth that repaired cavities.    
Our intestines help process food and are over 20 feet long.    
The kneecap is called the patella.    

The heart pumps blood through the body.    
The rib cage protects the heart, lungs, and other important organs.    
The skull protects the brain.    
Bodies should be stronger.    
Adults have about 209 bones.    

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