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Food Pyramid

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1. The food pyramid suggests that we eat a varied diet. Which type of food should you eat the most of each day? ___________________________________

2. How many servings of breads, rice, pasta, and other starchy foods should you eat each day? ___________

3. How many servings of vegetables should you eat each day? ____________

4. How many servings of fruit should you eat each day? ___________

5. How many servings of milk, cheese, and yogurt should you eat each day? __________

6. How many servings of meat, fish, beans, and nuts should you eat each day? __________

7. What food group do raisins fit into in this pyramid? _______________________________

8. What food group does peanut butter fit into in this pyramid? _______________________________

9. Name two foods that belong to the vegetable food group. _______________________________ and _______________________________

10. What foods are the least nutritious and should be the smallest part of your diet? _______________________________________

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