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World Flags Label Me! PrintoutToday's featured page: Earth's Continental Plates

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Label and Color the Flags

Using the descriptions below, label the types of flags - then color them.
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Australia - A blue field with white stars and a small Union Jack in the upper left corner.

Brazil - A green field with a yellow diamond. In the diamond is a blue circle with tiny white stars and a band.

Canada - A red maple leaf in the center (on a white background) surrounded by two vertical red stripes.

China - A red field with five yellow stars in the upper left corner (one star is large, four are smaller).

Congo (Zaire) - A blue field with yellow stars (one large star in the center and six smaller ones).

Egypt - Red, white, and black horizontal bars (the red bar is on the top, the white bar is in the center, and it contains a yellow eagle).

France - Red, white, and blue vertical bars (the blue bar is by the flagpole, the red bar is farthest from the pole).

India - Orange, white, and green horizontal bars (the orange bar is on the top, the white bar is in the center, and it contains a blue wheel).

Japan - A white field with a red circle in the center.

Jordan - Black, white, and green horizontal bars (the black bar is on the top, the green bar is on the bottom). A red triangle with a white star is by the flagpole.

Mexico - Green, white, and red vertical bars (the green bar on the left, the red bar on the right, the white bar in the center, and containing an eagle, snake, cactus, and other small emblems).

Russia - White, blue, and red horizontal bars (the white bar is on the top, the red bar is on the bottom).

South Africa - A sideways green "Y." The bar above the "Y" is red, the bar below is blue (each is bordered by a thin white line). Inside the "Y" is black (bordered by thin lines of yellow).

Sweden - A blue field with a yellow, off-center cross.

United Kingdom - A red, white, and blue flag with a thick red cross in the center (surrounded by thin white lines) on a blue field.

United States - A red, white, and blue flag with 13 red and white stripes (red on the top and bottom) and 50 white stars on a blue field.

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