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Map Reading Activity: Topography #2
Geography Pages
Topo Map reading

1. Color the elevations on the topographic map as follows. Red: 50m and higher, Orange: 40-50m, Yellow: 30-40m, Light green: 20-30m, Dark green: 10-20m, Purple: 0-10m.
2. Finish the mountain diagram below the topographic map, completing Oak Hill and drawing Ash Hill with proper elevations.
3. Approximately how tall is Ash Hill? ___________________________
4. Approximately how tall is Oak Hill? ___________________________
5. Which mountain is taller? ___________________________
6. How many meters of elevation are there between contour lines on the topographic map? ___________________________
7. Are the contour lines closer together on Ash Hill or Oak Hill? ___________________________
8. Which mountain has steeper slopes? ___________________________

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