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Davy Crockett: Quiz Printout.

US map1. In what state was Davy Crockett born? ____________________________
On the map, label this state green.

2. What type of hat was Crockett famous for wearing? ___________________________

3. When he was in the army (1813-1814), what famous man did Crockett serve under? ___________________________

4. Who were they fighting at that time? _______________________________

5. What was the highest public office to which Crockett was elected? ______________________________________

6. What type of book did Crockett write in 1834? ________________________________

7. After leaving his political career, what area (now a state) did Crockett move to? ___________________________
On the map, label this state red.

8. From what country had this area had just declared itself independent? ___________________________

9. Crockett died defending what famous mission? ___________________________

10. When they died, who were Crockett and his compatriots fighting? ___________________________

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