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Table of the Biggest Capital Cities
Use the table to answer the questions.
Capital City Country Population
(data from 2005-2011)
Tokyo Japan 13,185,502 Asia
Seoul South Korea 10,464,051 Asia
Tehran Iran 9,110,347 Asia
Mexico City Mexico 8,841,916 North America
Jakarta Indonesia 8,489,910 Asia
Bogotá Colombia 7,866,160 South America
Beijing China 7,741,274 Asia
Cairo Egypt 7,438,376 Africa
London United Kingdom 7,287,555 Europe
Lima Peru 7,220,971 South America
Baghdad Iraq 7,216,040 Asia
Bangkok Thailand 6,542,751 Asia
Dhaka Bangladesh 6,080,671 Asia
Riyadh Saudi Arabia 5,318,636 Asia

1. How many capital cities are in this table? _______________________________

2. Which capital cities have over ten million people? __________________________________

3. The biggest capital city is in which country? ______________________________________

4. How many people live in Lima, Peru? _____________________________

5. What is the most populous capital city in North America? _____________________________

6. What is the most populous capital city in South America? _______________________

7. What is the most populous capital city in Africa? ___________________

8. What is the most populous capital city in Europe? ___________________

9. Of the 14 biggest world capitals, how many are in Asia? ___________________

10. The population of New York City is 8,244,900. Why isn't it on this table?


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