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Table of the Most Populous Countries
Use the table to answer the questions.

Country Continent The Country Is In Population
Percent of World Population
China Asia 1,347,350,000 19.14%
India Asia 1,210,193,422 17.19%
USA North America 314,433,000 4.47%
Indonesia Asia 237,641,326 3.38%
Brazil South America 193,946,886 2.75%
Pakistan Asia 180,746,000 2.57%
Nigeria Africa 166,629,000 2.37%
Bangladesh Asia 152,518,015 2.17%
Russia Europe/Asia 143,142,000 2.02%
Japan Asia 127,570,000 1.81%

1. How many countries are in this table? ___________________

2. Which countries have over one billion people? ________________________

3. Which country has almost 20% (1 out of 5) of the people in world? ___________________

4. How many people live in the USA? _____________________________

5. What is the most populous country in North America? _____________________________

6. What is the most populous country in South America? _______________________

7. What is the most populous country in Africa? ___________________

8. What is the most populous country in Europe? ___________________

9. Which continent contains the most populous countries? ___________________

10. Of the ten most populous countries, how many are in Asia? ___________________

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