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More on the Olympics
Table of Olympic Medal Athletes (as of 2012)
Use the table to answer the questions.

Athlete Sport Country # of Gold Medals # of Silver Medals # of Bronze Medals Total # of Olympic Medals
Michael Phelps swimming USA 18 2 2 22
Larisa Latynina gymnastics Soviet Union 9 5 4 18
Nikolai Andrianov gymnastics Soviet Union 7 5 3 15
Boris Shakhlin gymnastics Soviet Union 7 4 2 13
Edoardo Mangiarotti fencing Italy 6 5 2 13
Takashi Ono gymnastics Japan 5 4 4 13
Paavo Nurmi running Finland 9 3 0 12
Bjørn Dæhlie cross-country skiing Norway 8 4 0 12
Birgit Fischer canoeing Germany 8 4 0 12

1. How many athletes are listed in this table? ___________________

2. Which athlete won the most Olympics medals? ________________________

3. How many medals did this athlete win (total)? ___________________

4. How many different sports are represented in this table? ___________________________

5. Which sport is represented the most? _______________________

6. How many different countries are represented in this table? ____________________________

7. Which country is represented the most? _____________________

8. How many more medals did the first-place athlete win than the second-place athlete? ___________________

9. How many athletes in this table won a total of 13 medals? _______________________

10. How many gymnasts are listed in this table? ___________________

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