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Solomon Islands Flag
Solomon Islands Flag Quiz/Printout
Solomon Islands's Flag

The flag of the Solomon Islands is divided horizontally by a thin yellow line that runs from the upper right to the lower left. The top/left side is blue with five, five-pointed white stars; the right/bottom is green. The white stars represent the five main groups of islands in the Solomon Islands. The yellow represents sunshine, the blue represents water, and the green represents land.

The Solomon Islands flag was adopted on November 18, 1977, just before the islands became independent from Great Britain (Independence Day was on July 7, 1978). Each year, Flag Day is celebrated in the Solomon Islands on November 18.

1. What colors are in the flag of the Solomon Islands?____________________________

2. How many stars are in this flag? _________________________

3. What do the stars in the flag represent? ____________________________

4. When was this flag officially adopted? ____________________________

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