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Poison Arrow (Poison Dart) Frogs

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Poison Arrow Frogs (also called Poison Dart Frogs) are small, brightly-colored rainforest frogs that have extremely poisonous skin. They have glands in the skin that produce strong toxins. Their poison is used by some South American Indians for applying to the tips of their hunting arrows and blow-gun darts.

Poison and Predators: The bright coloration of the poison arrow frogs warns predators that they are poisonous. Once a predator has even licked a poison arrow frog, it gets very sick and will never try to eat one again. The poison protects them from most predators (except the snake Leimadophis epinephelus, which is immune to the frog's poison).

Habitat: Poison Arrow Frogs live in tropical rainforests of South and Central America.

Diet: Poison Arrow Frogs eat insects and other small arthropods, catching them with their long, sticky tongue. They eat ants, termites, flies, small beetles, spiders, etc.

Life cycle: Like all amphibians, frogs spend their lives near water because they must return to the water to lay their eggs. Frog eggs are laid in the water. When they hatch into tadpoles, they breathe with gills and swim using a tail. As they mature, they lose their tail, and they develop lungs for breathing air.

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