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The Dhole (Cuon alpinus, also called the red dog of Asia) is a wild dog that inhabits temperate forests, rainforests, and, more rarely, steppes of India, China, Tibet, Malaysia, and much of southern Asia. This very social dog makes a variety of noises, including whistles, clucks and high-pitched screams. The dhole is in danger of extinction due to a rapid loss of habitat.

Anatomy: The Dhole is a medium-sized dog with a red-brown coat and a black-tipped tail. Adults are about 3 ft (90 cm) long plus a 17-inch (43 cm) long tail.

Hunting and Diet: These wild dogs hunt in small packs of five to twelve (or more) adults. Deer, wild goats, and mountain sheep are hunted by these carnivores (meat-eaters). Like other dogs, they find their prey using their keen sense of smell and then chase down the prey. Dholes are very good swimmers, and often chase their prey into the water to help catch it. They swallow meat in large chunks.

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