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Pigs are very adaptable animals that eat many different foods and live in a variety of environments. Pigs were domesticated (tamed from wild animals) thousands of years ago. They are farmed for their meat and hides (leather). There are still many wild pigs, like the wild boar, the warthog, and the bushpig. Pigs are found on every continent on Earth except Antarctica.

Names: Pigs are also called hogs or swine. The adult female is called a sow. The adult male is called a boar. A baby is called a piglet.

Anatomy: Pigs vary in color from brown, black, white, to pinkish. Some wild pigs have large tusks, overgrown teeth used for fighting and digging for food.

Diet: Pigs are omnivores (eating plants and meat). They eat a variety of plants and small animals (like worms and snakes).

Classification: Class Mammalia, Order Artiodactyla (even-toed hoofed mammals), Family Suidae (8 species of pigs).

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