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Mustangs are wild horses that live in the western USA. They are descendants of tame horses that either escaped or were let free as early as 400 years ago.

These feral (wild) horses live in small, scattered bands that live on grasslands. These majestic animals are nomadic herbivores. They eat grasses and spend most of the day grazing.

Bands of wild horses consist of 3 to 20 horses; a stallion (adult male), and many mares (adult females) and their foals (the young). The stallion protects the others from predators (like Mountain Lions) and also fights off other stallions who come too close. Mares give birth to a single foal in the spring. It can walk within the hour.

Anatomy: Mustangs, like all horses, have hoofed feet. The hooves and teeth continue to grow throughout the horse's life. Horses have a narrow, flowing mane. They have large nostrils that let them get lots of air quickly. Large eyes and ears help the horse detect predators early, allowing it to run away. Mustangs average 55 inches (1.4 m) tall at the withers.

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