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More Scavenger Hunts
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Atlas Scavenger Hunt Worksheet #2

Answer the questions using an atlas.


1. Find a world map in the atlas that shows lines of latitude and longitude. What is the approximate latitude and longitude of where you live? ___________________________________________________

2. Find the Table of Contents. On what page does the section on Europe start? ___________________________________________________

3. Go to the section on Europe. What European country is just south of Belarus, west of Russia, and east of Poland? ___________________________________________________

4.What country of Europe is shaped like a boot, and what large sea does it border? ___________________________________________________

5. Go to the Table of Contents. On what page does the section on South America start? ___________________________________________________

6. Go to the section on South America. The Tropic of Capricorn crosses which South American countries? ___________________________________________________

7. What South American country is named for the line of latitude that crosses it? ________________________________________________

8. Go to the section on Antarctica. On what page does the section on Antarctica start? ___________________________________________________

9. What other continent is closest to Antarctica? ___________________________________________________

10. Antarctica covers which of the Earth's poles? ___________________________________________________

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