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Dictionary Info
Dictionary Scavenger Hunt Worksheet #3

Answer the questions using a dictionary.


1. What is the first word in the b section of the dictionary? ___________________________________________________

2. What is the last word in the a section of the dictionary? ___________________________________________________

3. How many pages of words starting with k are in the dictionary? ___________________________________________________

4. Find the first verb in your dictionary starting with c that has two syllables. ___________________________________________________

5. Look up the word fuselage. It is a part of an ___________________________________________________

6. Find the first adjective in your dictionary starting with g. ___________________________________________________

7. Look up the word duplicate. In addition to being an adjective it is also a _______________________ and a_________________________

8. Look up the word cypress. It is a type of ___________________________________________________

9. Look up the word meridian. How many syllables does it have? ___________________________________________________

10. Find the first adjective in your dictionary starting with d that has two syllables. ___________________________________________________

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