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More Scavenger Hunts
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Globe Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

Answer the questions using a globe.


1. What country is at the intersection of the Prime Meridian and the Tropic of Cancer? ___________________________________________________

2. What ocean is at the intersection of the equator and the Prime Meridian (0º Longitude)? ___________________________________________________

3. What is the largest country in South America? ___________________________________________________

4. What country is at the southern tip of Africa? ___________________________________________________

5. What large island is northeast of Canada and northwest of Iceland? ___________________________________________________

6. What island country is off the southern coast of India (and slightly to the east)? ___________________________________________________

7. What is the largest country in Eurasia in terms of area? (It is also the largest country in the world.) ________________________________________________

8. What is the name of the sea that separates Japan from mainland Asia? ___________________________________________________

9. What large Asian country is south of Mongolia and northeast of India? ___________________________________________________

10. What is the country approximately 1000 miles off the southeastern coast of Australia? ___________________________________________________

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