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More Scavenger Hunts
Newspaper Information
Newspaper Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

Answer the questions using a city or national newspaper.


1. Write the full name of the newspaper. ___________________________________________________

2. Write the biggest headline on the first page of the newspaper. ___________________________________________________

3. Write a headline from the first page of the newspaper. ___________________________________________________

4. Write the name of your favorite comic strip in the newspaper. ___________________________________________________

5. Write a headline from the sports section of the newspaper about a sport you like. ___________________________________________________

6. Write the title of an editorial opinion piece in the newspaper. ___________________________________________________

7. When will the sun set today (you can find this in the weather section). ___________________________________________________

8. Write the name of a puzzle that appears in the newspaper. ___________________________________________________

9. Go to the classified ads. Copy the first line of an ad for a house for sale. ___________________________________________________

10. Write the name of a product that is advertised in the first section of the newspaper. ___________________________________________________

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