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Colombia's Flag Coloring Page
Colombia's Flag Quiz/Printout
Colombia's Flag

Colombia's flag is a horizontal tricolor of yellow, blue and red. The yellow stripe takes up the top half of the flag; the blue is the middle quarter of the flag, and the red is the bottom quarter of the flag. (Colombia's flag is similar to the flag of Ecuador, which has a coat of arms and is longer.) The ratio of the flag's height to width is 2:3.

This flag was adopted on November 26, 1861. The yellow in the flag stands for the resources of Colombia's ground, the blue symbolizes the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans that border Colombia, and red stands for the blood shed while fighting for Colombia's independence from Spain (independence was declared in 1810).

The flag was designed in Haiti by Francisco Miranda, the Caribbean island country where the revolutionary Simon Bolivar was planning Colombia's independence.

1. What colors are in this flag? ________________________

2. What color occupies the top half of the flag? ________________________

3. What does the blue color stand for? ____________________________

4. The flag of Colombia is similar to the flag of which other South American country? __________________________

5. When was this flag adopted? _____________________________

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