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More on Venezuela
Terms for the Map of Venezuela
Read the definitions below, then label the map of Venezuela.
Label South America
Venezuela's Flag

Andes Mountains - The far northern part of the Andes mountain range is in western Venezuela.
Caracas - The capital city of Venezuela, located in northern Venezuela on the Caribbean Sea.
Ciudad Bolivar - A city on the Orinoco River, in eastern Venezuela.
Guiana Highlands - the forested area south of the Orinoco River, about half of the area of Venezuela.
Lago de Maracaibo - A large lake in northwestern Venezuela, connected to the Caribbean Sea.
Llanos - The central, grass-covered plains area of Venezuela, located between the Andes and the Orinoco River.
Puerto Cabello - A city in western Venezuela on the Caribbean Sea, located just west of Caracas.
Puerto La Cruz - A city in eastern Venezuela on the Caribbean Sea, located east of Caracas.
San Cristóbal - An inland city in western Venezuela near Colombia.

Bodies of Water:

Caribbean Sea - The sea that borders Venezuela to the north.
Casquiare River - A river that connects the southern part of the Orinoco River with the Amazon River.
Orinoco River - A large river that runs from southeastern Venezuela and curves its way to northeastern Venezuela, dividing Venezuela in half. Label the Orinoco in two places on the map, in central and in the southern Venezuela.

Bordering and Nearby Countries:

Brazil - A country that borders Venezuela to the southeast.
Colombia - A country that borders Venezuela to the southwest.
Guyana - A country that borders Venezuela to the east.
Trinidad and Tobago - An island country that is just north of eastern Venezuela, located in the Caribbean Sea.

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