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Label the Frog
Life Cycle Diagram
Frog Life Cycle Quiz to Color

Frog Printout

Tadpoles hatch from tiny eggs that are laid in masses in the water. The gill-breathing tadpole swims in the water. It eventually sprouts legs and absorbs its tail, becoming a froglet and then an adult. The adult breathes air and has no tail. After mating, the female lays eggs and the cycle begins again.

Read the definitions below, then label the frog life cycle diagram.

frog Life Cycle to label

egg - Tiny frog eggs are laid in masses in the water by a female frog. The eggs hatch into tadpoles.
tadpole - (also called the polliwog) This stage hatches from the egg. The tadpole spends its time swimming in the water, eating and growing. Tadpoles breathe using gills and have a tail.
tadpole with legs - In this stage the tadpole sprouts legs (and then arms), has a longer body, and has a more distinct head. It still breathes using gills and has a tail.
froglet - In this stage, the almost mature frog breathes with lungs and still has some of its tail.
adult - The adult frog breathes with lungs and has no tail (it has been absorbed by the body).

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