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Tooth Information Page
Label the Teeth
Tooth Printout
Human Anatomy
Read the definitions below, then label the permanent teeth.
teeth to label

canine (also called cuspid) - the pointy tooth located between the incisors and the premolars. A canine tooth has 1 root. Adults have 4 canine teeth (2 in the top jaw and 2 in the bottom jaw). Canine means, "of or like a dog."
incisors - the front teeth, used for cutting food. An incisor has 1 root. Adults have 8 incisors (4 in the top jaw and 4 in the bottom jaw).
premolars (also called bicuspids) - the teeth located between the canine and the molars. A premolar tooth has 1 root. Bicuspids have two points (cusps) at the top. Adults have 8 premolars (4 in the top jaw and 4 in the bottom jaw).
molars - the relatively flat teeth located towards the back of the mouth, used for grinding food. Molars in the top jaw have 3 roots; molars in the lower jaw have 2 roots. Adults have 12 molars (6 in the top jaw and 6 in the bottom jaw).

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