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Gorilla Information Mountain Gorilla
Gorilla gorilla beringei
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Mountain gorillas are large, quiet, shy apes that live in a few isolated mountain forests in Africa. Only about 400 of these gorillas remain in the wild in eastern Zaire, Uganda and Rwanda. Loss of habitat, poaching, and local wars have brought these majestic primates to the verge of extinction.

Like all gorillas, they live in small groups (or bands) of 6-7 individuals, including one silverback (adult male), a few females, and their young.

Anatomy: Gorillas have very long arms (the arms are longer than the legs), and a short, bulky body with a wide chest. They are covered with long, silky, black hair on most of their body (except their fingers, palms, face, armpits, and bottoms of the feet). Gorillas have a very large head with a bulging forehead, a crest on top (larger on males), tiny ears, and small, dark-brown eyes. They walk using their front knuckles and their feet. Gorillas range from 4.6-5.6 ft (1.4-1.7 m) tall. Males are much bigger than females.

Diet: Gorillas are mostly herbivores, eating mostly leaves and plant stems. Occasionally, gorillas eat termites and ants. An average adult male eats about 50 pounds of food a day. They rarely drink water.

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