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Zoom Astronomy
Jupiter Find it! in Zoom Astronomy
- Print-out for Grade 3-5

Use the section on the Jupiter to answer the following questions.

1. Is Jupiter composed mostly of solids or gases?_________________

2. Jupiter is about 11-times, 111-times or 1,111-times bigger than the Earth. _____________

3. How many moons orbit Jupiter?_______________________

4. Who discovered the four largest moons of Jupiter in the 1600's?_______________________

5. What is the major component of Jupiter's atmosphere? _________________

6. How long is a Jovian day (a day on Jupiter)? _______________________

7. How long is a Jovian year?_______________________

8. Is Jupiter's Great Red Spot a deposit of iron-rich soil, a storm, or a huge crater? _______________________

9. Does Jupiter have any rings? ______________________

10. Can you ever see Jupiter from Earth without using a telescope? ________________

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Level: Grade 3-5 Subject: astronomy, science, reading, writing, introduction to research on the Internet

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