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Zoom Astronomy
Saturn Find it! in Zoom Astronomy
- Print-out for Grade 3-5

Use the section on the Saturn to answer the following questions.

1. Saturn is notable for its rings What are they made of?_________________

2. Are Saturn's rings visible from Earth without using a telescope? ______________

3. Is Saturn the largest planet in our Solar System? _______________

4. What is the major component of Saturn's atmosphere? _____________________

5. Saturn is the most oblate planet in our Solar System Does this mean that it is shaped like a pear or a flattened sphere? _____________________

6. How many named moons does Saturn have? _______________________

7. How thick are Saturn's rings?_______________________

8. Who discovered Saturn's rings in 1610 using a 20-power telescope? _______________________

9. What is the name of the major division in Saturn's rings? ______________________

10. Titan is the biggest moon of Saturn and the second-largest moon in the solar system. What is the largest moon in the Solar System and what planet does it orbit? _________________ which orbits _______________

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Level: Grade 3-5 Subject: astronomy, science, reading, writing, introduction to research on the Internet

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