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Beyond the asteroid belt are the gas giant planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. These mostly-gaseous planets are far from the Sun and much larger than the inner planets. They are each orbited by systems of rings and many moons.

   •Jupiter (the 5th planet from the Sun) is the largest and the most massive planet.
   •Saturn (the 6th planet from the Sun) has the biggest rings; Saturn is the second-largest and second most massive planet. It is also the least-dense planet.
   •Uranus (the 7th planet from the Sun) has a rotational axis that is tilted almost 90° from the other planets, giving it extreme seasons.
   •Neptune (usually the 8th planet from the Sun) has the strongest recorded winds in our Solar System.

Which statement applies to the gas giant planets?
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   Red button They each have many moons and rings
   Red button They all have rings, but only some have moons
   Red button They all have moons, but only some have rings

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