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Bacterium Cell Label Me! Printout
Label the bacterium cell below using the bacterium cell glossary below.
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Bacterium cell to label

The cell is the basic unit of life. The following is a glossary of Bacterium cell terms.
basal body - A structure that anchors the base of the flagellum and allows it to rotate.
capsule - A layer on the outside of the cell wall. Most but not all bacteria have a capsule.
cell wall - A thin membrane located outside the plasma membrane and within the capsule.
DNA - The genetic material of the bacterium; it is located within the cytoplasm.
cytoplasm - The jellylike material inside the plasma membrane in which the genetic material and ribosomes are located.
flagellum - A long whip-like structure used for locomotion (movement). Some bacteria have more than one flagellum.
pili - (singular is pilus) Hair-like projections that allow bacterial cells to stick to surfaces and transfer DNA to one another.
plasma membrane - A permeable membrane located within the cell wall. It serves many functions for the cell, including energy generation and transport of chemicals .
ribosome - Small organelles composed of RNA-rich granules that are sites of protein synthesis. The ribosomes are located within the cytoplasm.

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