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Label the Emperor Penguin
Bird Printouts
Read the definitions below, label the Emperor Penguin diagram, and color the penguin correctly.

Emperor Penguin to label

Back - The feathers on the back are black.
Belly - The feathers on the belly are white.
Bill - Emperor Penguins have a hard, pointed bill (also called the beak) which they use to get food. The bill is black with a yellow-orange streak.
Claws - The hard, sharp end of each toe.
Eye - Emperor Penguins have two small, reddish-brown eyes with circular pupils.
Flipper-shaped Wing - Emperor Penguin wings allow these birds to swim, but they cannot fly.
Neck - Emperor Penguins have a very short neck.
Webbed feet - Webbed feet function well in the water.
Wedge-shaped tail - Emperor Penguins have a short, black tail.

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