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Trumpeter Swan
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Trumpeter Swans are loud, migratory birds that live in North America. The adult female is called a pen, the adult male is called a cob, and the baby is called a cygnet. They live about 12 years in the wild, and about 35 years in captivity. These birds almost went extinct about 100 years ago; they are now protected and are recovering.

Anatomy: Trumpeter Swans are long-necked white birds with a black beak. They have black legs and black webbed feet. Their thick feathers protect them from extreme cold weather. The Trumpeter is the largest swan in the world, with a wingspan up to 9 feet (3 m).

Diet: Trumpeter Swan eat mostly water plants, like cattails, pondweeds, and others. They reach under the water with their long neck to get these plants, and even eat the roots. Cygnets eat a lot of bugs and other small invertebrates, since they feed mostly from the water's surface.

Eggs and Nests: These beautiful birds mate for life. Trumpeter Swans build large nests made of grass, roots, and reeds; they are lined with swan down (delicate feathers). These nests are often built on top of a muskrat's den. Females lay 5-6 white eggs in each clutch (a set of eggs laid at one time).

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