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Japan: Label Me!
Japan: Glossary of Major Islands, Cities, Nearby Countries, and Bodies of Water
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Major Islands:
Hokkaido - a large island north of Honshu.
Honshu - the largest island of Japan.
Kyushu - the island west of Shikoku and Honshu.
Okinawa - a small island located far southwest of the major Japanese islands.
Shikoku - the island east of Kyushu and southwest of Honshu.

Some Major Cities, etc.:
Akita - a city in northwestern Honshu.
Kobe - a city in Honshu that is just west of Osaka.
Mount Fuji - the tallest peak in Japan; it is located southwest of Tokyo.
Nagoya - a city in Honshu that is west of Mt. Fuji.
Osaka - a city in Honshu that is east of Kobe and southwest of Nagoya.
Sapporo - a city in western Hokkaido.
Sendai - a city in northeastern Honshu, north of Tokyo.
Tokyo - the capital city of Japan, located on the island of Honshu.

Bodies of Water:
East China Sea - the sea southwest of Japan (and south of China).
Korea Strait - the strip of water between South Korea and Japan.
North Pacific Ocean - the part of the Pacific Ocean that borders eastern Japan.
Philippine Sea - the sea south of Japan.
Sea of Japan - the sea west of Japan that separates Japan from the mainland of Asia.

Nearby Countries:
China - a huge country that borders Russia, North Korea, and many other countries.
North Korea - a country just north of South Korea.
Russia - a country that is across the Sea of Japan from northern Japan.
South Korea - a small country located on a peninsula; it is across the Korean strait from southern Japan.

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