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Edmontonia was an armored, tank-like dinosaur that lived during the late Cretaceous period, about 76-68 million years ago. No one knows what color any of the dinosaurs were.

Diet: Edmontonia was an herbivore (a plant-eater). It ate low-lying plants, like ferns and cycads.

Anatomy: This nodosaurid ankylosaur (an armored dinosaur with no tail club) was about 20 to 23 ft (6-7 m) long and weighed about 3.5 tons. This ornithischian dinosaur had a bulky body, four short, thick legs, wide feet, a short neck, and a stiff tail. It was covered with bony plates and spikes, and had a long, flat skull. The teeth were small and the jaws were weak. It was very similar to Panoplosaurus, but the skull was longer and the teeth were different.

Fossils and Name: Edmontonia means "from Edmonton." This dinosaur was named in 1928 by the fossil hunter C. M. Sternberg in 1928, from a specimen found in 1924 in the Edmonton rock Formation in Alberta, Canada by George Paterson. Fossils have also been found in Montana, USA. The type species is E. longiceps.

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