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Syntarsus was a very small, fast-moving dinosaur that lived during the early Jurassic period, roughly 208 to 194 million years ago. This meat-eater may have hunted in packs.

Anatomy: Syntarsus was a small, lightly-built dinosaur that walked on two long legs. This predator was about 10 feet long (3 m) and weighed about 60-70 pounds. It had light, hollow bones, a long, pointed head with dozens of small, serrated teeth, and a long neck. Syntarsus had large, four-fingered hands with sharp claws.

Fossils and Name: Many Syntarsus fossils have found in Zimbabwe, in Africa, and in Arizona, USA. About 30 Syntarsus fossils were found in a single bonebed in Zimbabwe, suggesting that these predators may have lived and hunted in packs. Syntarsus was named in 1969 by paleontologist M. A. Raath. Syntarsus means "Fused or Flat Ankle."

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