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Label the Mushroom Anatomy Diagram
Read the definitions below, then label the mushroom diagram.

Mushroom Anatomy

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Cap (Pileus) - The top part of the mushroom.
Cup (Volva) - A cup-shaped structure at the base of the mushroom. The basal cup is the remnant of the button (the rounded, undeveloped mushroom before the fruiting body appears). Not all mushrooms have a cup.
Gills (Lamellae) - A series of radially arranged (from the center) flat surfaces located on the underside of the cap. Spores are made in the gills.
Mycelial threads - Root-like filaments that anchor the mushroom in the soli.
Ring (Annulus) - A skirt-like ring of tissue circling the stem of mature mushrooms. The ring is the remnant of the veil (the veil is the tissue that connects the stem and the cap before the gills are exposed and the fruiting body develops ). Not all mushrooms have a ring.
Scales - Rough patches of tissue on the surface of the cap (scales are remnants of the veil).
Stem (Stape) - The main support of the mushroom; it is topped by the cap. Not all mushrooms have a stem.

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