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Bee Printout
Label the Bee
Read the definitions, then label the diagram below.
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Abdomen - the segmented tail area (it has nine segments) of a bee, that contains the heart, reproductive organs, wax glands, and most of the digestive system
Antenna - one of two sensory appendages attached to the head of adult bees
Compound Eye - one of two large eyes that are made up of many hexagonal lenses
Forewing - one of the two large, upper wings (attached to the thorax)
Head - The head is the part of the insect that contains the brain, the eyes, the proboscis, and the mandibles - the two antennae are attached to the head
Hindwing - one of the two lower wings (attached to the thorax).
Honeycomb - the hexagonal structure made of wax that is constructed by bees and used to incubate eggs and store honey
Leg - adult bees have six legs attached to the thorax
Mandibles - a pair of plier-like jaws - located on the lower sides of the head. They are used to carry things, construct and clean the hive, hold enemies, and bite into flowers (to release pollen)
Pollen baskets - areas located on the hind legs - used for carrying pollen back to the hive
Proboscis - a straw-like tongue attached on the head - it is used for eating tiny particles like pollen
Simple eyes - small eyes located towards the front of the face - they can only tell light from dark
Stinger - a sharp shaft located at the end of the abdomen and used for defense - only present on females
Thorax - the body section between the head and the abdomen - the legs and wings attach to the thorax
Wax glands - glands under the abdomen that make wax - used in forming the honeycomb

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